Meet our team

Angela Ramos

Permanency Program Manager

Angela grew up in the Mission District in San Francisco. She was born in El Salvador and is…
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Arlene Hylton

Recruiter and Caregiver Liaison for RFA families

When people think of Arlene, the first word that comes to mind is “nurturing”…
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Barrett Johnson

Program Director

Barrett Johnson, MSW, LCSW, is Program Director for Program Development at the City and…
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Juliet Halverson

Fiscal Policy Analyst

Juliet has been a part of SF Family and Children’s’ Services for over a decade in roles as…
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Karina Zhang

Fiscal Policy Analyst

As a 1.5 generation Chinese-American, Karina brings unique perspectives and…
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Matthew Younger

Management Assistant

Matt is a graduate of UC Davis who was born and raised in the bay area. Matt has always been…
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Millie Aranda

Executive Secretary

I was born and raised in San Francisco Mission District. After working for Pacific Bell / AT&T…
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Numa Gabrielle Aubry

Resource Family Approval Supervisor

An Oakland native, Numa started her career in FCS five years ago as a Field Social Worker in…
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Sharon Walchak

Public Health Nurse

Sharon is a Public Health Nurse (PHN) in the Family & Children’s Services Nursing Unit…
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Sophia Isom

Permanency Program Director

Sophia Isom, M.S. W. is currently the Program Director over the Resource Family Approval…
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Sylvia Deporto

Deputy Director of Family & Children’s Services

Sylvia comes to San Francisco from Riverside County, where she was assistant director for…
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Tamisha Mouton

Placement /Relative Notification Supervisor

She began working with foster youth while attending San Jose State. She helped run a…
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