San Francisco Resource Family Approval Home Safety Checklist

We know that having someone come into your home can seem intimidating and overwhelming. We prepared this checklist to help you know what we will be looking for. This list is derived from legal requirements that our agency must comply with in order to ensure your home is safe for a foster child. If you have any questions about these, don’t hesitate to contact us at or (415) 558-2200.

An applicant’s home is clean, safe, sanitary and in good repair. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Smoke detector(s) must be approved, commercially manufactured, functioning and installed in hallway(s) in each sleeping area. Exceptions: Homes with sprinklers. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Outdoor and indoor passageways, stairways, inclines, ramps, and open porches are free of obstruction. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Indoor bathroom with individual privacy & operational toilet, sink, tub/shower. Faucets for personal care have hot water at a safe temperature. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Fireplaces, open-faced heaters or woodstoves are safely operated. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Temperature of the home is safe and comfortable. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Necessary lighting in all rooms to ensure comfort and safety. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Bedrooms: No more than 2 children of the same sex shall share a bedroom. Exceptions: Children under 5 years, or minor parent and child, or based on gender identity. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01) (Does not apply to non-minor dependents.)
Bedrooms: Not commonly used for another purpose, is not used as a passageway, has safe, direct emergency exit to outside, and has a bed with clean linens in good repair for each child. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Bedrooms: Bunk beds are not more than 2 tiers high, have railings on upper tier, and are not used for children under 6. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Bedrooms: Each bedroom has sufficient closet & drawer storage. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Each infant is supplied with an age and size appropriate, safe & sturdy bassinet or crib, with a clean comfortable mattress, is not tiered or stacked, and crib slats do not pose a risk of trapping the infant. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-01)
Yards and outdoor activity spaces shall be free from hazards that endanger the health and safety of a child or nonminor dependent. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-02)
Swimming pools, spas, and other bodies of water are inaccessible to children. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-02) (**RPPS applies)
Medicines, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, poisons, and other dangerous items are appropriately stored. (Exceptions: the caregiver may allow a child to have access to the above, and household knives and appliances, if age and developmentally appropriate, and safety is assured.) (**RPPS applies) (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-03)
Firearms and dangerous weapons are stored in locked area. (Exceptions: firearms that have the firing pin removed or a trigger lock.) Ammunition is stored in a separate locked area. Pursuant to RFA WD §10-03)
Waste is located, stored, and disposed of in a manner that will not permit the transmission of diseases or odors, create a nuisance, or provide a breeding place or food source for insects and rodents. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-03)
Cellular, internet, or landline telephone service is accessible at all times. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-09)
Required for capacity greater than 6 or non-ambulatory clients. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-04)
No false or misleading information has been made or disseminated by applicant. (Pursuant to RFA WD §10-15)